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Navigating Trade Shows and getting maximum value from the experience today requires a modern approach far different than even five or ten years ago. Many functions of major shows have evolved, and markets themselves have transformed with new opportunities as well as daunting challenges. Kenji Consults draws from a unique viewpoint of high level show management and early-adopter mentality on shaping the future of the show experience and value gained – hardly waning, the show experience today can be more powerful than ever! If you’re willing to plan it right and change the old value paradigm.

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Periodic insights and bits of applicable knowledge that will transform the way you manage your trade show and business event experiences. Occasional newsletters (monthly, typically) that highlight best practices, drills into the changing platform of specialty retail and the ecosystem surrounding it, and spurring you to challenge yourself and your teams to higher performance. NO SPAM ever and this list will not ever be sold/leased/farmed out.