From business fundamentals to nuanced communications, Kenji is an independent creative thinker with an impactful voice, who ushers in change and breathes new life into antiquated offerings while making the best use of available resources. The mission of this agency is to help organizations grow through effective event strategies and authentic and inclusive communication.


The outdoor industry may very well be on the brink of one quantum jump now; bringing a healthy, positive, accessible and affordable activity to millions of ready-to-move Americans who have been left out.

Left Out Until now.

This might just be the quantum leap we can create, together. We just need to find our voice, one organization at a time. Kenji Consults brings that voice out in organizations open to change, diversification and growing a bigger pie.


Outdoor Industry - 29 years
Business Event Development - 16 years
Strategic Planning - 8 years
Public Speaking - 8 years
Digital Marketing - 6 years


Kenji Haroutunian is an independent agent for change focused on events and the great outdoors experience.  Kenji’s acumen for business comes from 33-years in outdoor org management and teaching outdoor skills (including advanced climbing and wilderness navigation courses) during/after completing his Geography/Environmental Policy degree at UCLA. In 1999 he began working for Outdoor Retailer, building an authentic brand story and growing the business into one of the premier b2b shows in the world. In 2011 he was elevated to Vice President for Nielsen Expo, directing the Outdoor Sports group. Kenji has spearheaded industry-focused programs, like FundSource OR, the Project OR design competition, Green Steps, The OR Virtual Design Center, Backcountry Base Camp, and the Business of Backcountry Forums, all of which help attract core athletes, media and designers to the show and adds to the bottom line. A 2010 Access Fund ‘Sharp End’ awardee, Kenji serves on the Board of Directors of the Access Fund, is President Emeritus of the Friends Of Joshua Tree and is a founding director of TeccSociety, an events-industry technology organization.


The global Outdoor Market is one of the most resilient, entrepreneurial, innovation-driven, tight-knit business communities in existence. While we’re an open family, initiatives and progress are made faster when there’s an independent, trusted person to make the connections and open the doors. Relationships matter deeply in this space – and make all the difference when creating a 2.0 brand concept, new product, key association or point of entry, or in readying for a game-changing launch. I’ve had the privilege of growing my career in this amazing market from retail associate at A16 over 30 years ago, to holding an eight-year global market leadership role for the outdoor industry, as Show Director for Outdoor Retailer Winter and Summer Markets (as well as other niche properties of Nielsen/Emerald). I’m now on the Sharp End again, able to offer my experience base, creative solution-oriented approach, and three decades of proven service as the founder and CEO of Kenji Consults.


  • Aim for a level of success that makes progress and positive change the new normal. Instill Kaizen principles in outdoor organizations to propel mid-long term growth and a powerful, sustainable industry.
  • We don’t take ‘This is just how it is’ as an answer.  If it is good for the brand, then there is a way to make it happen using scale, creative structure and incremental investment as programs unfold.
  • We do best when we ascertain risk, overcome obstacles with highly creative approaches, connect people and lead teams and stakeholders in a connected and sustainable way.
  • Think like a climber reading a first ascent: see the line, assess the risks and obstacles and take the lead on the toughest pitches for the team and for clients.
  • Often, the line we see is not the line everyone would take, which is how I bring my definition of success to my clients and partners. We take a more inclusive, ecotone-based approach to growth and balance.


Some of our clients

As a model for his team and for retailers and guide/outfitters across the country, Kenji has actively participated in outdoor non-profit advocacy, assembled diversity discussion groups, actively engaged in written forums for recruiting and outreach changes, and steered one of the nation’s largest trade show producers to more generously contribute to key industry partners. He managed all this while actively supporting organizations who protect natural spaces and repeatedly delivered excellent financial results while increasing his company’s service and relevance to its audience.

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Years in the Outdoor Industry

Years of Content

Years Non-Profit / Advocacy Leadership

Years of Sales/Marketing

Kenji Consults Services and Specialties

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Why Kenji Consults?

As longtime director of two top-fifty trade shows in the country (and many events and services beyond), Kenji’s experience has afforded him a truly independent viewpoint to best understand the ebbs and flows of business trends, successes, failures and the tools that can be applied these days to make a difference.

29 Years Of Experience

Realizing successful outcomes with a combination of thorough empirical analysis and the ‘magic touch’ of custom authenticity gained in decades of market immersion.

Creative Event Producer

Driving value for organizations by creating and managing face-to-face activations, authentic market touches and measurable market-centric programs.

Disciplined Business Consultant

Helping companies achieve their goals by establishing baseline metrics and growth targets with a simple toolkit to stay on track.

Passionate Diversity Advocate

Taking organizations from talk to action when it comes to growing a larger audience, and integrating diverse voices and faces into the team.

Speaking Presentations

Motivating and educating audiences on how to maximize a business events’ performance to drive bottom-line results.