Using modern data-mining tools, Kenji gets the real handle on a brands’ importance as a foundation for any meaningful consultation. Kenji Consults develops phenomenal feedback obtained through crucial platforms including the social stream, sales data and competitive analysis.

With over 30 years of market immersion in different roles, and thousands of brand programs facilitated with a vast array of observed outcomes realized, Kenji’s consultation has an unusual and proven grounding in thorough empirical analysis, not guesswork or theoretical application. Of course adding the ‘magic touch’ of authentic voice and storytelling is more art than science. Today, organizations need to do Good to do well. A resonant, trusted voice takes time to develop, and a steady guiding hand.

This is the balancing effect of the Kenji Consults approach.

  • Understanding – Taking the time to assess the situation inside, and positioning in the market using custom data sets
  • Share Case Studies – Bring forth specific, known and relevant programs that both mirror and contrast based on current strategic underpinning and known objectives. Establish position and likely collaboration partners to force multiply awareness and message.
  • Customize plan using cutting-edge data and infuse with authentic story elements
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